Thursday, December 31, 2009

G1 Party, December 30- 9-12am

AHHHH I found out last minute that I was going to go to this party, it started at 9 and I found out at 8:00pm! Soo I was RUSHING around the house trying to find the perfect outfit to wear, since I knew everyone was going to put on their best!
I went with my brother and his friend Walt, when we got there I got searched TWICE, because the bouncers thought I had weapons =P.
Although I regret not bringing my phone with me, I still had a good time dancing, and reuniting with friends like Gerardo! Missed him sooo much. Though the party was supposed to last until 2am, it only lasted till 12 because a fight broke out, and they had to call the police =[.
It was ridiculous, numerous cop cars came, and the guy got beat up with a chair! 2 more fights almost broke out, so we all went to WaWa for refreshments.
But of course, the cops went over there and were shutting down the store too, so we all had to go home. I was bummed the party didn't last longer, and I wasted $7, but all in all it was a good night of partying and dancing!

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