Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I was given the wings I use to fly

Ahh flabbergasted!
Friday the 27th I went to the ROCKHOP+ROLL tour expecting to see some pretty cool bands. I'd gotten a random mix of some of the bands songs the week earlier, which included Attaboy, Highland fall, and Jared Mahone. Jared Mahone, who described himself as the "white guy sandwhiched between 2 bands" was absolutely glistening. I fell in love with his song "Somebody Knows", although I had to complain to him afterwords about not singing it. I told him he was a mix between Jason Mraz and some black R+B singer...I think he took it as a compliment!

too much college food on friday too, eck!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Give me something to sing about!

And guess whose been listening to Mika all day? This kid right here! He is heaven to my virgin ears! <3

"Is that Andy Warhol?"
"Why yes, yes my friend, it is."


peanut butter and chocolate dots.

baking on Sundays with mum <3

Relax is a past tense

I'll run away if I MUST.

Sorry I've been on hiatus.
Ive been enjoying, well, life.