Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I was given the wings I use to fly

Ahh flabbergasted!
Friday the 27th I went to the ROCKHOP+ROLL tour expecting to see some pretty cool bands. I'd gotten a random mix of some of the bands songs the week earlier, which included Attaboy, Highland fall, and Jared Mahone. Jared Mahone, who described himself as the "white guy sandwhiched between 2 bands" was absolutely glistening. I fell in love with his song "Somebody Knows", although I had to complain to him afterwords about not singing it. I told him he was a mix between Jason Mraz and some black R+B singer...I think he took it as a compliment!

too much college food on friday too, eck!

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  1. thanks for the lovely comment! your blog is awesome too and the concert sounds a lot of fun :)