Saturday, May 8, 2010

"I just hate to have to tell you"

The weeks dreams and bleeps:
A trip to UMB to visit the dentistry museum...ho hum...we were SUPPOSED to go to UMBC ( the coolest school in America, hah) but we ended up in a bus accident in baltimore sooo...UMB!
Ugg I've done too much this week, AP test, my aunt from Africa came to visit so we showed her what American shops looked like, sneaking out to spend the night with my best friend hah...I hope these pics help. enjoy <3 Nkongho


  1. very cute outfits!
    and that thing about the bus made me laugh!
    I'm backkkk to blogging now, just so you know (I realise this is a VERY late reply to the comment, but now I'm back, I'm promising myself to comment back straight away to people!)
    and yes, I am a skins fan! and an alcohol fan :P but don't worry, I'm a safe girl with it all!
    how are you doing?