Sunday, May 30, 2010

Shake the "hips' in relationships

Yesterday my lovely best friend celebrated her birthdayyyy.
Birthdays always make me feel warm and cuddly inside.
It was a small little cute affair, we made tye dye shirts and had smores. After exams and everything it feels great to just hang out with your friends. Its little things like this that make say "yeaaa I looove life!"

I put on the african dress my aunt sent me, a sinched belt, and called it a day.



  1. great food, still can enjoy me some good quality play-wid-food time!

    xoxo little J

  2. aw this looks like a ball :) good to see you had fun :)

  3. happy birthday to her! looks like you girls had a fun time :D

  4. hey dear :D

    how cute!
    you and your friend seems to have a lot of fun :)

    well the boy, teh cutie is jeremy kapone ;) an actor <3 <3

    and thanks for your comments <3

    love, alice

  5. cute blog :X

  6. oh the food looks really yummy and cute!

  7. I so miss that! Really cool post!Food,fun and nice clothes.