Thursday, December 31, 2009

G1 Party, December 30- 9-12am

AHHHH I found out last minute that I was going to go to this party, it started at 9 and I found out at 8:00pm! Soo I was RUSHING around the house trying to find the perfect outfit to wear, since I knew everyone was going to put on their best!
I went with my brother and his friend Walt, when we got there I got searched TWICE, because the bouncers thought I had weapons =P.
Although I regret not bringing my phone with me, I still had a good time dancing, and reuniting with friends like Gerardo! Missed him sooo much. Though the party was supposed to last until 2am, it only lasted till 12 because a fight broke out, and they had to call the police =[.
It was ridiculous, numerous cop cars came, and the guy got beat up with a chair! 2 more fights almost broke out, so we all went to WaWa for refreshments.
But of course, the cops went over there and were shutting down the store too, so we all had to go home. I was bummed the party didn't last longer, and I wasted $7, but all in all it was a good night of partying and dancing!

09'winds downnnn

As 2009 closes I remember ALLL the good/great/fantastic/UNFORGETTABLE moments I had that made it great!

January 09- Met Will at the mall, funny goofy, great guy to be around.
Met Colin and Drew =]]
February- bonded w/ Drew+ Will :)
March- Won 2nd place for W.E.B DuBois speech competion in Hampton U!
April- Won Junior class President!
Went on college tours!
May- HOBY! <-- this speaks for itself!
June- MLW @ Towson U!
July- HOBY reunion in Assateague! <3 you guys!
August- Summer class over early, quick summer
September-school, but it started off refreshing and easy this year
October- HOMECOMINGGGG was aweesome, and taking my nephews trick or treating was even better, Tamba's first trick or treat =]
November- thanksgivingg, helping out w/ Kids of Honor in Walmart, and moms turkey! yum!!
December- G1 party, extended bonding time with family on christmas, hanging out with Sussannah, seeing Gerardo on December 30! all a great wrap up to a good year!!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

mall w/ Susannah!

On Tuesday, we went to the movies and saw "Nine", which I really enjoyed, since I loveee musical theatre. SOO zannah+movies+ sweet buttery popcorn for only a dollar=sweet!
When walking out of the theatre we saw the posters for the new Alice in Wonderland movie, which I'm reallllyy curious and interested in seeing. The graphics for this movie look amazing!!

I was really stoked to not only get out of the house, but go shopping w/ zannah today! She's great, and shes the sweetest and most innocent person which makes it easy to be her friend.
We honestly spent at least 45min in pacsun, getting her a shirt and stuff, I was a bit exhausted but it was great having her there to keep me entertained-and i think i know pacsun inside and out now!
we sat on the mini kiddy horses and just talked-I wasnt embarrassed at all lol. Oh btw, I wore bright pink hoodie cousins got me, pink polo, and sperries. Idk I felt comfy but hopefully the preppy look isnt taking me over! <3

Sunday, Sunday

I love Sundays, they are chillaxin', free, church days.

I love the Sundays where I get to spend time with family, and yesterday was no exeption.
I went to go see my sister, my visiting brother, and my nephewwss who I just totally adore.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The day AFTER christmas...

soo the day after christmas I spent the WHOLE day at home. You know, one of those days where you dont even open up the front door to get a breath of freshair.
It was boring but I got a lot of things accomplished:
Spoke to Susannah, so HOPEFULLY were going to the mall tommorow, if my mom lets me.
Finished reading PUSH, I was shocked at the story but grateful for the inspiring poems it had in the back.
I used my new purple glue gun! I decorated this old blue bow and headband I had, I just love making artsy stuff like that.

At the end of the day I watched Spiderman 3, pretty good movie actually, I didnt think it would be since I'm not a total Spiderman fan. The I ended it off with texting Kirstyn, which I always enjoy because she's just great, she always has fun stories to tell =].

Friday, December 25, 2009


I love my family, and I love Christmas even more! I woke up at 7:09a.m sharp because I was just wayy too jitty and wanted to open up the presents my mom and sister had wrapped for me. I got some pretty neat stuff!
massage slippers from Enaka! So cool, my mom got them in white, I think he sees how hard we work, with mom always working and me cleaning the house. thx bro!
perfume, lotion, and blush from mom =]

TONS of victoria secret goodies from my sister and family!! oh, and did i mention this blessed white butterfly purse? lovely
aeropostale sweats from cousins and aunt <3
"sperries" from my mom! bo-bos as they call them, but still i was happy to goof around and make some outfits for back to school with them
i <3 it tho

Thursday, December 24, 2009

People who I just...ADORE

TWINS! You guys are great. Nothing else to say. So sweet! So foreign! Kinda like me? Perhaps were gonna be wayyy great friends!
Kirstyn! You just do NOT know how awesome you are to me, girl! From your name to the stupid random stuff we text about. I love your personality and you have a really sweet voice too. We are very alike but different in many ways, and you can always make me smile! I know we will be good friends, even when we get older and hanging out will be LOOAAADSSS of fun! You truly showed me what HOBY was about, what I wanted, and how its eternal. I will forever love you for that, as we will forever be friends!
Susannah Jonesssss you are my best friend and the coolest, chillest chica to hang out with! With met over weird dramatic circumstances, but thats ok, because I think truly together we are both non dramatic, peaceful people. I hope and I knowww we will stay friends for the longest of times, and our story is just begginingg!

colin, colin, COLIN! You ARE my best friend, and my realization of this grew as you acknowledged me as yours, and the word is just FITTING for you. The first time I met you was at Alora's house, and you just had that easy going, carefree spirit which I've always wanted for myself. So of COURSE I said to myself "I MUST be friends with this guy!". We instantly bonded, we were just alike in a sense, and when school started I was SO honored and privileged to hang out with you. I never regretted a moment of it, and you will mean a lot to me forever. I love you, friend =D.

Tyler Hoff, where have you been! I missed you and I will NEVER forget the first time we met. It was at HOBY, and we were supposed to be doing a scavenger hunt. Of course I found your western plaid shirt and cowboy boots entertaining, so I immediately started chatting with you. I told you I was from Cameroon, and surprise, surprise, YOU had been there! Of all people! How lucky I was to meet someone who had helped out in the country I was born. You were so charming and I just knew you were a good person.
I was very stoked when I found out you were ALSO in my group, and we became instant friends. You stayed true to yourself and I'll never forget or take for granted how lucky I was to even have met you, considering, you weren't even from Maryland! =]
ALORA! I don't think she knows JUST HOW MUCH she means to me. This was pretty much my best friend last summer who I could do and say anything with. I'd spend that night at her house, which I just LOVED because her parents treated me like their own, and I just felt SO welcomed there. We'd stay up all night prank calling or i.ming people till about 1.a.m. These are the times and the moments I cherish the most with people. I just love being around people who love me and take their time to make me feel comfortable.