Friday, December 25, 2009


I love my family, and I love Christmas even more! I woke up at 7:09a.m sharp because I was just wayy too jitty and wanted to open up the presents my mom and sister had wrapped for me. I got some pretty neat stuff!
massage slippers from Enaka! So cool, my mom got them in white, I think he sees how hard we work, with mom always working and me cleaning the house. thx bro!
perfume, lotion, and blush from mom =]

TONS of victoria secret goodies from my sister and family!! oh, and did i mention this blessed white butterfly purse? lovely
aeropostale sweats from cousins and aunt <3
"sperries" from my mom! bo-bos as they call them, but still i was happy to goof around and make some outfits for back to school with them
i <3 it tho

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