Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So...this is the beggining

YESS! I've finally started a blog...wanted to for a long time now. Tried on myspace, xanga, ext., but unsuccessful until NOW.
Let me start at the begginning...=]
My name is Nkongho, truly my first name. I am currently 16 years old, it is December, and a bit too nippy outside for me. I'm a Junior, Junior class president, NHS student (although I don't know how long that will last) and I have a VERY contradicting personality.
I love life, try to live it to the fullest, and i think
<--- this picture describes me well? Hah, I dont know I love to joke around but I can be serious at times, ask anybody. (The picture was taken on a bus, btw, and I'm holding a juice box that says "suncup" on it, haha)

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