Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Baltimore! We came, we saw, we conquered =]

Ahh lets take a few steps back so I can introduce you to what I love!
Since I'm in the GEARUP program, I've been blessed with opportunities to go on leadership summits and super cool field trips like the one we took to the baltimore aquarium:

We saw a dolphin show, which was just SURREAL to me. A lot of us that wen were really blessed to see something as amazing as this, because most kids like us don't get the privelege. Either way, I was very thankful. And enjoyed myself!
^The summit took place at Towson U. We were there for 4 DAYS! and of course I stuffed myself all 4 days, because once I see food, I just gorge like I've never seen it before. A habit I need to break? YES. When I see the food on my plate I'm just like I MUST HAVE IT.

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