Saturday, January 30, 2010

Polyvore Haven

There was a time, when I was super duper obsessed with It was around summer and I would just get on it everyday after school and make up a new outfit/concoction. But then school got in the way =[ and I'd make only maybe 3 outfit post for that year? And I've honestly been on a true hiatus of polyvore since last January, but I want to get back with it! Here are a few of the outfits from polyvore that I put some effort into, and think are great:
Gold Christmas:
Amy <3
Obama is fresh:
^ I made this a couple months before he won the election, and it was the single peice that had the most comments and likes in my collection.
Preppy a VeraBradley print:
6 key peices, and its done:I loved those shoes.
Celeb inspiration:like?
Mika in a not so bright light:
I dreamt of a rolling stone^ hasa to be by far the favorite creation of mine
So I started off with the shoes and tried to build a formal outfit around them. Something that said punky prom.
inspired by The Pink Spiders "Little Razorblade"

Thursday, January 28, 2010

"While your getting your cry on, I'm getting my fly on"

I love fashion, and I love to play dress up, even if I don't walk out of the house with the outfit I "created" I still love putting it on and imagining how 'fly'
I would look on the street, haha. So I haven't been to church lately, sadly, and mother has really been pushing for it since were all so busy, and I came up with an outfit I thought would be a fitting "BAM" revival to my old "dress up" church days.
But I've also been blog jumping for inspirition, and here are my top 3 faves for now: "olsensanonymous"

"theclotheshorse" I see a polkadot/shorts trend?! Interesting that its winter and I'm already craving some spring!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Trip to go grocery shopping

Yes, yes, yes me and mother DID in fact drive 2 hours to Washington D.C to go shopping for food. My mom loves to cook and since we're from Cameroon, we eat a lot of foreign food. Washington D.C is the mecca, and it has a superb African culture with all types of food and people, I love it. And Real Worlds current season takes place there so that makes it soo much better! We hit up a store yesterday, and here are some familar Cameroon foods I haven't had in a while.

ahh nothing like meat pies with a cup of orange juice. yumsters!

Skins Series

I absolutely adore the tv series "Skins". It may be because its so "scandalous" and a part of me wishes I could be like the teens on that show...minus the drinking, promiscuity, and drugs, lol. But the way they dress on the show, and their attitudes/personalities just make me wish I was their best friend, or at least in their english class. I always appreciated European style, the French, the English, and expecially the SKINS! So I browsed E4 and decided to post some of their outfits that I thought were just too cool for school.

Effy is the epitome and perfect symbol for skins. Awkwardly fitting, confused but certain, confidently shy character and I wanted to be like her in every way. She flossed a sense of untouchable charisma and could be quiet but still say a million words. I suppose if you've watched Skins you know what I'm talking about, lol.

Freddie, my dear was the hearthrob of the series. Started off the show with him skateboarding through England and smoking a cig with his best buds. Ahh to be a rebellious teenage. Also fell madly for Effy, but who wouldnt? Oh yea, Cook did too...

Cook, was a bad bad boy. For the first few episodes he just seemed so unlikeable, only because he was hooking up with his best friends love interest, oh but also because he was a jerk, doing too much drugs, and caring about nothing but partying and sex. I mean they all cared about these things, but he seemed like the only person who couldn't handle it. But, wait, I thought all bad kids on tv could handle the pressure...hmm? Loved Cook.

"Panda" Pandora. Isn't her name some sort of technical website? It sounds technical. Her outfits on "Skins" pretty much described her in every way. Awkward, surprising, weird, but still pretty much fitting for the occasion.

J.J seemed like the perfect fit for Panda, and surprisingly, they never hooked up. WHY? I do not know. He ended up sleeping with Emily, but it was just "buddy sex". Confusing, yea, but I have to keep reminding myself that "SKINS" Is not American, and it may be normal. Anyways, I adored J.J's good boy ( but still on drugs) contradiction to the show. How he ended up best friends with an alchoholic and drug addict, we will never know, but were glad he was there, and had kick-butt style!

Naomi. She was just the epitome of coolness on the show. Bad butt f&*#! off to the whole world. But when she started falling in love with Emily her soft spot came out and you saw that she had just put up a protective shield, but her style still screams "you cant touch me".

Emily was by far the most relatabel character on the show for me. I related more to her style of comfort peices, with an extra peice that sort of didn't belong. And oh yea, we both share a love of carrying over sized bags to school everyday.

Tune in January 28th at 10pm on E4 to watch this fantastic tv series!