Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lets sigh, Take a breath

Blogging makes me REALLY excited about life. Thats important.
This week started off with a bang, we had our Y.E.A.H Kids of Honor semester party, celebrating us high school students who survived the semester, haha. The party-food-that-is-always-at-every-party food was served, like SODA (gahh! I ended up mixing lemonade, fruit punch, and grape juice in my cup. Yum, chyea!) chicken wings, and pizza. lots.and lots. of pizza. As a matter of fact, I've been eating a lot of pizza this week, NOT good!

Today we had a BIGbigbig SGA meeting, all the class officers were there. A lady who worked at the board came in to discuss dress codes with us, and she honestly wanted to know our opinions, so I was appreciated, but also a bit surprised about that. We all ended up not really having a lot to say, because it really was JUST a run-through of the dress code we already have ( that 90% of the students are breaking, including me ;]). We all thought we'd be discussing uniforms and whether or not we'd have to wear them in the 2010 school year, but nope, it was nothing like that. So the meeting was KIND of a waste. Blah, I'll choose missing 5th pd any day.
But after, Monzi (senior class president, kid I seriously look up to) talked to the officers about starting a petition that would allow all the schools in the county to have their graduation day on DIFFERENT days, instead of the say day, at different times, which the board is STRONGLY considering. Of course none of us want this, so I as well as they, are planning to seriously get this petition on board. I will honestly try to get as many people to sign it as I can. And I'm glad the semi-pointless meeting ended with us actually having some authority!

Keeping my hair in curls all this week was a challenge! Tommorow's friday and if my hair looks ragedy from constantly curling and rolling it, 'you guys' are just gonna have to bare with me! ;)

If I haven't mentioned already, I am Junior Class President for my highschool and I take it verrryy super duper seriously. I'm not sure where I got the braveness from to just simply JUMP into SGA and be president. But in the former election I passed out free candy, made posters, the whole 9 yards. And bless bless bless, I wont the election! I was mostly glad I won because I knew I'd make it my top priority, since I don't play any sports any more, and leadership is something I'm seriously passionate about. This year has been very proactive for me, I'm in charge of planning this years Junior/Senior banquet. That means hiring a cater, getting music together, putting up decorations, all that great stuff! But I have a wonderful crew at school and advisors to help me along the way. It seriously feels great to say "Hey, I think we should do this, this, and this" and have my voice heard. But I do try not to be bossy and include all the other SGA members into the activities and fund raisers we have, because seriously, where would we be and what would be done if we all could'nt work together?

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  1. so cool that you're junior class president! great post! solve them politics in high school :D