Saturday, January 30, 2010

Polyvore Haven

There was a time, when I was super duper obsessed with It was around summer and I would just get on it everyday after school and make up a new outfit/concoction. But then school got in the way =[ and I'd make only maybe 3 outfit post for that year? And I've honestly been on a true hiatus of polyvore since last January, but I want to get back with it! Here are a few of the outfits from polyvore that I put some effort into, and think are great:
Gold Christmas:
Amy <3
Obama is fresh:
^ I made this a couple months before he won the election, and it was the single peice that had the most comments and likes in my collection.
Preppy a VeraBradley print:
6 key peices, and its done:I loved those shoes.
Celeb inspiration:like?
Mika in a not so bright light:
I dreamt of a rolling stone^ hasa to be by far the favorite creation of mine
So I started off with the shoes and tried to build a formal outfit around them. Something that said punky prom.
inspired by The Pink Spiders "Little Razorblade"


  1. Polyvore is one of the greatest sites of all time.

  2. I love Polyvore and that Bilson inspired outfit :)

  3. I love the one with red sweater and the rachel bilson one!

  4. Excellent job on the polyvores! I feel like I'm brain dead when I try to use that site. I just can't get the proportions right. Maybe I'm too old.