Monday, February 1, 2010

Speaking Out

So a couple months ago some producers from 'Speaking Out' (a mother and son who want to do a local talk show on teens facing issues today) stopped by to talk to us at Kids of Honor. I was immediately interested and signed up ASAP. They got in contact with me about a week later and I went over to Salisbury University to shoot the broadcast. It was an incredibly warm environment, they had snacks for us in the "green room" and they really did make me feel very comfortable. When it was interview time, me, one other teen, a college student, and the interviewer who was also in college chatted about genetic engineering, genetically modifying animals, vegetarian vs. meat eaters, economy, robotics- just a wide variety of things teens had opinions on. Here's the link to the video on youtube:
I just really loved the idea of it and was super psyched to be a part of it...and I'm on youtube? sweet! =]

"Wherever you go, opportunities will follow."

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