Friday, August 27, 2010

this chaos, this calamity

What exactly IS a blogger? What exactly does a blogger do? Well they BLOG silly!...wait no...I don't know...what is BLOGGING? A dictionary definition won't help me now for I like to think of things in a logical sense. I guess I will define a blogger in terms of how I see it: A blogger is one who puts their everyday life into writing and pictures, with some inspiration on the side for others to view.
Well this definition of mine may change, I'm only in highschool and I believe I have a few more things to learn, experience, taste and feel before I can become an efficient blogger. What is YOUR definition?

While I was figuring out what a true blogger was, I was also D.I.Ying ANOTHER tshirt with my best friend (see other shirt in latter post). Our challenge was creating a motto that signified US as individuals. Of course, as always, it was hard for me to just choose one word, so I came up with the phrase "I am NOT afraid." And I will try my DARNDEST to live up to that this school the way school starts in 4 days...oh wankers.

Today I went the the MVA to take my permit test and for some reason it was cold outside so I decided to wear my levis, A Charlotte Russe military blazer and a hot pink Roxy shirt with gladiators...yes very random but I guess I was so nervous about the test that I didnt think. And drumroll... I passed my test!...but this was only after the long process of showing my original birth certificate and proof of citizenship since I was not born in the states. Oh my, things are changing!

To celebrate my passing the permit test, me and mommy went thrifting. I found these really niftly Lauren by Ralph Lauren pants I sewed into skinnies, and gold necklace. I always emphasize that I'd much rather go thrifting than shop in a regular store because of the great original finds you can get that no one else has =]