Monday, January 4, 2010

Kids of Honor

So today was not only our first day back at school, but it was also our first day back at Kids of Honor after the snow ruined our last meeting in December. Marcus was there, silly goose kept me laughing the WHOLEEE time. I honestly couldn't stop from the moment we got there. We were eating skittles and him and this girl KEPT ON arguing about stupid stuff like how she had yellow teeth and he looked constipated. It was soo funny, I love laughing at the stupid stuff.
Then we got into groups with Parnia and Urva, brainstorming on what we were going to film for our short movie. We came up with a lot of ideas but ended up agreeing on a mall scene, and someone dropping out of highschool to be successful? I'm not sure, its still a little sketchy, we need to floss out some parts.
The afterwards when we got on the van to go home, the 3 little muskeeters in the back WOULD NOT SHUT THEIR YAPPERS. So I turned on my camera and just kept on flashing them till they shutup. I guess it worked because it ended up being a quiet ride home. lovely.


  1. I love your outfit..I love skittles too!

  2. thanks for your comment in my blog. i like your outfit here ;) cute blog xoxo