Friday, January 1, 2010

Its New Yearsss!!!!

I am soooo living in the moment right now, this new years. I've had a fabulous break, week with friends, and spending time with family has been AMAZING, and life changing, definitely changed my perspective.
Today my Aunt Rose, sister, brother in law, nephews, brother, and mom spent new years together eating and chatting for hourrsss it was great. Wholesome, family moments, since my brother is take a flight back to Indiana Medical tomorrow =[. Gonna miss him but its great having him home and seeing how hard work can take you places, since this is where he is at.

It makes me want to work SUPER hard, and trust me, when school starts back up, I have about 2 weeks to get my GPA SKY HIGH. And trust me, it will go sky high because I am NOT getting kicked out of National Honor Society, heck no. That'll put like my whooolee career and life in jeopardy ( or at least it feels that way to me).
I'm sooo ready to crash, get this work done, and excel, having the highest honor in everything. I know I can, so why me? I say WHY NOT?!

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