Friday, January 8, 2010

Its about TIME for some outfit post

I love blog jumping-jumping from fashion blog to fashion blog-In hopes of inspiration? I dont really know because I just end up wearing what I love anyway, what I think looks good on my body, and surprisingly, I rarely give a booty call what others may think of it, as long as I walk out of the house confident no one can bring me down.
OH! BTW have you guys seen these lady gaga dolls? REAL? I don't know but I'll be going to Toys R Us soon to find out!

I like to say I dress comfortably, because If I'M not comfortable, I feel my outfit suffers since I can't put total 100% confidence into it. You know what I mean?

Too much checkered? Yes I thought so too, didn't realize it till I started posting tho. Guess its checkered friday.

I've realized all I really need are my orange chucks and some comfy blue jeans to super size the deal. <3


  1. hey! thanks for dropping by my blog..and for the sweet comment too..:D

    i really love the plaid skirt..and the boots! whoot!

  2. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog and coming by - greatly appreciated! If you would like to follow each other please just let me know. (-:

    Your outfit post is great!

  3. thankss for visiting my blog and drop a comment there :)

    I love your black boots!!

  4. Thank you for the wonderful comment :)
    And I love that blue shirt! So cute! Keep it up ;)