Friday, January 8, 2010

The end of the first

So its the end of my first week back at school. I was hoping it'd start of sloww but NOPE-By Tuesday I was used to the swing of things, and really nothing had changed- exept for the fact that every other girl was wearing ugg boots now. I began to feel left out? CHYEA! Its almost like living in a world where everyone is may not want to be bald, but eventually, you may just get sick and tired of having no hair!
HAHA, I'm dealing with it.
I kept my hair curly this whole week, and I realize its SO much easier to maintain that having it straight, and not knowing what to do with straight hair but leave it down and/or put a bow in it. With curls I can shake it up and add cute little hair berets, headbands, and such.
<---Oh, and guess what? IT SNOWED TODAY! I mean it only lasted about 3 hours and the roads were cleared but it was great because school was closseddd-then guess what, after the hoo rah goes away because I realized we'll have to make up those days at the end of the year...tartersauce!
I took some pics behind and in front of my house-It was so pretty and so still. Then I shoveled some of the snow off our front step. When mom came home she yelled at me "Why didn't you just clean the whole driveway too!" I said "Good morning, mom." Where she proceeded to say she'd do it herself, and did- I love my mother, she's so proactive!

I also spent a lot of this week eating my brothers chocolate cake and listening to-GASP-WHAT?! the Jonas Brothers. I was always more a fan of their PERSONALITIES AND MORALS, more than music. But I was at the library and saw their album so I said-hey why not? I fell in love with their song "Hey baby" and "WW3". I know they really are good hardworking guys dedicated to their music and should just be...left alone in their private life. Yep. Said it =].


  1. Joe Jonas came into my work recently (they were playing a gig in town)he went pretty unnoticed but the girl that served him said he was really sweet :) I wish I'd got to meet him

  2. aww that seems pretty cool! Where do you work?