Thursday, December 31, 2009

09'winds downnnn

As 2009 closes I remember ALLL the good/great/fantastic/UNFORGETTABLE moments I had that made it great!

January 09- Met Will at the mall, funny goofy, great guy to be around.
Met Colin and Drew =]]
February- bonded w/ Drew+ Will :)
March- Won 2nd place for W.E.B DuBois speech competion in Hampton U!
April- Won Junior class President!
Went on college tours!
May- HOBY! <-- this speaks for itself!
June- MLW @ Towson U!
July- HOBY reunion in Assateague! <3 you guys!
August- Summer class over early, quick summer
September-school, but it started off refreshing and easy this year
October- HOMECOMINGGGG was aweesome, and taking my nephews trick or treating was even better, Tamba's first trick or treat =]
November- thanksgivingg, helping out w/ Kids of Honor in Walmart, and moms turkey! yum!!
December- G1 party, extended bonding time with family on christmas, hanging out with Sussannah, seeing Gerardo on December 30! all a great wrap up to a good year!!!!

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