Tuesday, March 23, 2010

With a red bow in her hair...

I'm such a goofy goober.

So this weekend I had to do some SERIOUS packing because my 4 day college tour is coming up. We will be hitting New York (Times Square), Philly, and New Jersey. I've been itching to wearing nothing but knee socks and tights, so those will fersure be going in my bag. A long with 10 pounds of snacks and water. I gotta have my water people!

On Monday I wore AE shorts with my butterfly tights. I got A LOT of weird stares at school, but I tried to ignore them as I reassured myself I was wearing what IIII wanted. And I really did leave the house happy, so thats all that matters right?


  1. I love the dress (I think?) in the last few pictures! Is it from the Miley and Max line? I think I tried one on once! But it's so cute :-)

  2. the ruffled skirt looks like one I just got from forever 21! :) pretty

  3. Cute tights with butterflies
    x fashionnerdic