Saturday, March 13, 2010

"She has an obsession with tight skirts and leather"

i hated crocs then i put them on and it was like AHHHH heaven on my toes! but I wouldnt be caught dead wearing them to walk the dog, lol.

My room is the place where alllll the shizz goes down.
The bed jumping.
the hopping.
the frolicking.
the outfitting.


  1. I love those tights with the patterns

  2. aw the quote at the end...cute :) I love the pink checkered shirt with the dress (is that a dress?) lol

  3. it's your luckyyyy day, I should be posting a HUGE post tonight
    I've just been SO busy
    like last night, I was up til 2am doing art work :(
    but thankss! And thank you for following!
    and your blog is really cute, I'm loving these outfits girl!
    much love

  4. Thank you for your comment!! You're so cute!! And I love your school bag and your wardrobe!! Kisses

  5. very cute blog you have!! thanks so much for commenting on mine! I admire that your going for it from a location that not considered a fashion capital. It makes it so unique! keep it coming and i'll keep reading!

    I'd love if you would follow my blog!

  6. Lovely blog and cute outfits! I'm following you ;)

  7. gorgeous white purse! and your shoes are great :) im a leather girl too haha
    thanks for checkin out my blog im glad you like it
    i love the quote at the bottom you should check out my post about it:

  8. funny thing about Crocs, they sure are ugly as hell, but they must be one of the most comfortable shoes ever.