Saturday, March 20, 2010

blessed rest.

I would like to first thank EVERYONE for all the lovely comments. Expecially all you fashion bloggers, I live in a small town and I try to make it verry interesting, thank you for being interested in my post, since I'm just starting out. I look at all your blogs and I do adore them very much!

So after I received all A's on my progress report, I went on hiatus! I had worked oh so hard, locked myself away at home, locked away the computer/cellphone, and isolated myself from my friends because that was the only way I knew how to keep my grades up! Concentration, concentration, concentration! So after that victory, I was like PSH! ITS FRIENDSHIP TIME! Lets chill, lets relax, lets just get away, be with each other and have a GREAT time.
I went bowling with the girls on Friday, and the fact that I sucked didn't matter, we weren't there for competition <3

^ Let me tell you something about my friend Kahlique: ULTIMATE Gaga lover, freak of nature. He comes to school in a turban, skinny jeans, nikes, he takes ALL the risk, gets kicked out of school for it, and does it again. He doesn't care. He is my ultimate fashion inspiration. RUN WITH IT! ily<3

Saturday it was allll about the boys. Let me tell you something, I ABSOLUTELY ADORE my guy friends, I have much more fun with them, and they are just so much easier to understand. They say the sweetest things, and our friendships last longer because they are so drama free!

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