Friday, October 8, 2010

No, my names not Gilligan, but let's go to an island


(Even though its starting to get a bit nippy out)
You see, this not-blogging-daily thing has to stop.
I mean, what IS the point of blogging if I have feelings and thoughts that I don't put down every single day? What is the point of keeping a blog. And the excuse of "I'm too busy"...well its not an excuse, Hah. Filling my time filling college applications and searching for scholarships, oh and on top of that, HOMEWORK. splendid. So my time IS cut short, but I mean it doesn't always have to be an outfit post. I think I wanted my blog to start out that way, but I truly need to figure out the direction I want it to go now. Not necessarily to be successful, but just so my blog is what I want, and is what I'M happy looking at. You feel me? ...

YES indeedy sir!It IS my senior year and I AM living up my last year of highschool. This week we had our pep rally and ALLL that good stuff. Spirit week, and the football game that led up to HOMECOMING!!! Sorry I was so busy dancing, the camera got sweaty and I'll have to upload the pics later =[. But heres my outfit from MIX MATCHED DAY! No I would not normally dress like this, but I love being creative with what I can come up with =]....


How was your week/end? I truly would like to hear about it =]
<3 Nkongho


  1. Thanks for your comment, lovely!

    I love the khaki jacket in your first pics. Great for layering! Would look awesome with a brown faux fur vest worn over top!

    x Antonia


  2. LOVE those two tone tights, and i totally understand how you feel because i'm in the midst of college apps/senior year stress as well. I swear people told me how relaxing this year would be...

  3. Love your outfit.
    And an answer to your question. I study communication and I am now specializing in PR. My study is very wide, so I learn a lot of stuff about communication in general. If you have another question you can also e-mail me:

    Love, Manon

  4. gorgeous blog!


  5. Thank you sweetie ! :)
    Love the jacket. u have a cool style. unique :)
    take care

  6. i like your jacket! ;)

  7. Great outfits! That floral top in the first pic is gorgeous xx

    If you haven't already, don't forget to enter my Zoemou Necklace Giveaway @

  8. Love what you wore for the day!!

  9. great outfits !!!

    xx. <3

  10. great outfit! but i think full body picture would be great


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