Friday, September 3, 2010

I'll set you up against the stars

Oh, my new county dress code is TERRIBLE! Expecially since I had already brought ALL my back to school clothes. Let me fill you in on some of the policies:
1. No skinny jeans, or skinny pants
2. No sunglasses (to you this may not seem like a problem, but my school is built like a florida campus-outdoor lockers, hallways, ect.)
3. no scarves or dangly clothing
4. no skirts or shorts shorter than 3inches above the knee
5. No exposure of back and no chest exposure of any kind.
6. And the worst of all...absolutely no heels of ANY kind! NOOOO.

But I'm a rebel, so fully aware of the rules, I decided to break rule #5 and...I got sent to the office. SGA president sitting on the office bench...not a good look. But hey, you only live once. <3


  1. what a lame dress code! but it will probably help you think outside the box for styles ;) great blog! thank you so much for the sweet comment on mine - you are so nice - it definitely made me smile :) i hope you'll stop by again soon xo

  2. Wow, that's a really strict dress code! Cute dress :)


  3. i'm fashion styling d'not fashion design;
    thanks for stopping by dear
    i like your dress

  4. lol so what exactly are you suppose to wear long sleeves and turtle necks and I can't even imagine who doesn't wear skinny pants anymore....that sounds crazy lol

    On a positive note I absolutley love your dress! =]


  5. love ur blog!! following you!! follow me back!

    ASH! Xoxo

    My Face Hunter | BlogLovin

  6. Haha good for you that you stood up against them- those rules are ridiculous!

  7. thanks so much!!
    omg what's that so called 'dresscode'?! i would rebel as well, gogo, haha:D

  8. that dresscode sounds horrible!!
    very cute dress though!


  9. Cute dress!

  10. Errgh, I have a dresscode for my school. IT SUCKS. We have to wear a collared top, and black bottoms. No facial piercings, no patterned jumpers, no heels, no trainers.....
    And thanks for your lovely comment! Panda xo
    p.s I've done a new post. being sick in bed is boring.

  11. your country dress code makes me giggle! LOVE the dress, fun styling!
    Great blog, definitely be back! Come follow TBAG if you fancy xx

  12. Oh that seems like a nightmare! Good luck with getting cute outfits together, by the rules :)


  13. Wow they're strict with your dress code! Good for you on breaking them, way too restrictive!

    Cool dress :)

    Thank you for commenting on my blog x

  14. hun nice post! check out our pics at the Vogue Fashion Night's Out in Milan!! it was super fun!!!

    lots of love! : )

  15. Thank you very much for your comment! that stricter rules on dress code, is not it? Argh! To answer your question, last year I was not studying, but this year I intend to do a training module ... is something between the school and college, when you do not want to go to college, lol. I hope I explained well! Big kiss!
    I love your dress, fuck the rules!

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