Friday, July 30, 2010

litte red bag.

You know how your grandma passes something down to you that you think is ugly, and you store it away? But then a couple years go by and as youre rummaging through some old stuff you see that thing and youre like "Hey, I wonder why I ever threw this away, it looks pretty cool?!"
Well thats how I feel about this teeny tiny bag I found in my BASEMENT today. In a BOX! ugh poor thing needed to be dusted off and needed some love =]


  1. lol that totally happen to me all the time I usually give it to my mom and when I see her use it I want it back haha

  2. heaa thanx for the comments ..
    i was verry busy !
    but im back again ,
    xoxo glossy

  3. Lol. I get that feeling quite a bit. I just chalk it up to growing up! Cute bag. Funny thing is I retrieved something similar from my mother's closet not too long ago.

  4. thanks for your comment ♥
    i like your blog & pics too!
    like to follow eachother?

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